Tuesday, December 31, 2013

December 2013

     December was a BUSY month, as it is for most.  I decided to make many of my gifts.  Alongside the sequined tail I was still working on (see October blog), I also made ornaments for each of my mermaid friends, which started as a sustainable secret santa gift for one person and turned into ornaments for everyone!  It was made using household items and leftover paint.  They were a fun surprise for everyone!
     In the cards I was sending out, I donned my mermaid tail and jumped into the Oceanarium at the Pacific Beach Hotel in Waikiki.  There was a nice Christmas interior and exterior to which I could pose with a "Merry Christmas" sign.  Next, I made a mermaid top to match the tail I made for my friend's daughter (pictured below).  It was uniquely designed to fit her then hand-painted and hand-sewn with tiny sequins as an added touch.  The difficulty was having it fit her without being able to measure her...luckily, it fit!!   I also made a monofin for the same friend's other daughter to match the tail that I put aside that fits her (see October blog).  We were able to do a test swim post Christmas, and she rocked that monofin!!  She truly was a mermaid in the making!  Last of my mermaid gift-giving, I made a monofin for the girls' mom who is a dear friend of mine who has helped me in sooo many aspects of my mermaid career.  Much of what I have done could not have been possible without her!
     An unexpected gift on Christmas came from the love of my life!  He surprisingly found a necklace I have had my eye on for at least a year!  It was made by the ever-popular Facebook name of The Vintage Angel.  Occasionally, she makes mermaid and ocean-inspired antique jewelry.  This particular piece is surely an eye catcher!  When I opened the box tears came to my eyes as I was in such awe that he even found this piece as I didn't believe she was still making them.  Such a sweet and thoughtful gift!
     It was a busy month, but the joy of having others enjoy a piece of what I do is well worth the time, effort and sacrifice of putting aside my own new tail to make tails for others.  'Tis the season of giving, and these gifts were so special to give!  :-)

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