Monday, September 30, 2013

September 2013

     This month was so fun!  I had the opportunity to go out and do a photo shoot with three great photographers!  I was with Carlos from Simple Touch Images, Jason from Wicked Moon Photography and Sharon Kamura.  We had to the opportunity to go down to the cliffs of Halona Cove, most known from the infamous movie "From Here to Eternity."  I did a couple private photos for some by-standers who were excited to see a mermaid at the beach.  It was such a fun, but painful experience sitting on the sharp rocks of the cliffs.  At one point, a huge wave came and dragged me across some rocks, which gave a nice mermaid bruise, but I would do it all over again as it was such a fun experience!  There were many great photos that came out from that shoot on such a beautiful, picturesque day!  

     I also finished the baby tail I had been working on.  200 hours, 11 weeks and 2200 sequins later, I was able to present the smallest, swimmable tail along with a Certificate of Authenticity to Baby Madison.  With the tails I have been making for children, each child receiving a mermaid tail also receives this certificate, which makes them an ambassador for the ocean to which they vow to take care of the ocean and its inhabitants to the best of their abilities.  I am now embarking on a two children's tails (and my own tail) to be done by Christmas!  Phew...busy life as a mermaid creator!  More pics of the baby in the tail to be seen soon!  :-)