Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 2013

     I attended one of the CUTEST mermaid birthday parties!  Everything was down to a 'T.'  They had sea star sandwiches, algae juice and even dingle-hoppers!  All the decorations and items were ocean and/or mermaid related so I felt right in my element!  There was even a photo backdrop for mermaid pictures!  But what mermaid birthday party isn't complete without a mermaid?  I was a surprise appearance to this little birthday girl who adored everything mermaids.  She had no idea I was coming.  When I showed up, she shouted, "A MERMAID!!!"  All the girls were dressed with their mermaid shirts, and they had just had mermaid make-overs complete with make-up, jewelry and nails.  I pulled one of my tails out for the birthday girl to use for the day, which made her mermaid dreams come true!  I also presented her with a gift with a sea crown made from all the elements of the ocean: shells, seaweed, pearls and a little sparkle.
     It was then that we began to add on to their mermaid ensembles by making sea crowns.  During this time, I was loaded with questions which I was only too happy to answer.  After all, how often do you get to ask a mermaid questions about her life under the sea?  We talked about sea animals and sleeping and eating and where I lived.  I told them about some of the animals I have encountered, and explained that not everything is out to get you; they just want to live happy lives like us.
     There was a moment of silence when the birthday girl exclaimed, "This is the best day of my life!"  That was a moment that warmed my heart; to have the chance to make someone so happy!  She also brought out her mermaid book to have me sign for her, which I felt honored!
     Once the sea crowns were complete, it was time for photos now that they were head to toe (or shall I say, "fin") in their creations.  It was hard to break away from such a fun afternoon!  I hope we meet again someday because though it was one of the best days of her life, it was also one of the best of mine!  :-D