Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 2013

     February was a busy month!  I had a very special birthday to attend with a very special little girl who has dreamed of becoming a mermaid!  It had been two months time since I had begun making a tail for this littler mermaid.  The biggest challenge was that she wanted a HOT PINK tail!  It was certainly one-of-a-kind!  At her party, her tail was presented as a mermaid gift for all to see.  Everyone was in amazement at this special gift.  I even had one little girl come up to me immediately and say, "I want one!  I'm a size 6."  Soo cute!!  The newest mermaid got a quick mermaid lesson (as she was already a comfortable and confident swimmer) and took off in her first swim as a mermaid.

     Later on in the party, there were two youngsters sitting all alone in kitty pool painted with sea animals.  Well, if this wasn't meant to be!  I made my way to the kitty pool with sea star and ray (aka "stingray") toys in hand to teach them about the sea animals around us.  To my surprise, the younger boy said "sea star" for starfish!  This made my day that he already knew this.  Many people call them "starfish," though this is incorrect as they are not fish.  They contain no vertebrae or fins to be able to be called a fish, therefore, they are namely called: "SEA STAR."

     I continued on my own new tail, day by day, week by week.  Though the final product is in sight, there is something about the creation of the day-to-day process which draws a connection, almost a "relationship" with the final product.  I cannot wait for the day when I can swim in my new creation, but the process is a fun journey in and of itself.

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