Sunday, March 31, 2013

March 2013

     On many occasions, I have gone to a Secret beach where I enjoy watching sea turtles and doing REEF surveys.  There is a broad range of many beautiful, tropical reef fish; some that are rarely seen.  I have always envisioned doing photos here when the tide is low and the algae on the rocks exposed on a beautiful, sunny day with no clouds.  Well, wouldn't you know, the day I had planned to do a photo shoot here was just that: the perfect day!  I truly enjoyed myself as the waves crashed on the rocks and covered me like a blanket.  I feel most in my element in the water, and I was truly in my element!  The pictures were spectacular!  If you are interested in having photos of any kind,  I highly recommend Simple Touch Images.  They can be contacted at

     Because I keep so busy, my mermaid body said ENOUGH!  I was sick in bed for over a week!  I had been wanting to work on my new tail for a long time so I took this opportunity to take the pieces I had for my new tail and lay in bed and sew them together.  I could only sit up for a couple hours a day to work on it so if I could lay down sewing pieces, I did!  Two days later, everything was constructed and I began the decoration process.  It was great, however, a week later, it seemed like I barely made a dent!  I'll continue working on this new piece of art, and hope to be finished by summer (I could probably be done much sooner if I had this kind of time to sew all day).  New opportunities are coming soon, and I look to them forward with much anticipation.  I will keep you posted!