Thursday, January 31, 2013

January 2013

     January was a month of traveling!  Unfortunately, there were two tragedies in my family, which happened to be about an hour away from each other in Arizona.  Typically, I like to catch up on books while flying, but during this particular flight, I was uninterested in reading.  My mind was wandering about rays and sea turtles and mermaids.  As it continued wandering about sea life, I came up with stories about a ray and a mermaid and a sea turtle and a mermaid.  I started with what I had and got my laptop out.  Failure.  It didn't work on the plane.  I had some scrap paper in which I wrote a 20 page book on with scribbles and black-outs...I felt like a real author!  It didn't take long to come up with the complete stories.
     The next day, I had a lot of car traveling (as a passenger) and continued editing the stories.  I was finally able to type them up.  I continued editing them and had so much fun reading them to my close friends and family, and decided to read them at my upcoming birthday party. 
     For months I had thought of making a unique, swimmable crown.  Time finally came around that I decided to sit down and put it together.  It was so fun going through designs, shapes and shells; the possibilities are endless!  Three days later, I went out for a quick swim to try my new crown and TA-DA!  Perfection!  It was truly what I have been wanting.  I believe that if you put your heart into something, you can make it happen.   It may take time and patience, but the end result is so rewarding!