Saturday, November 30, 2013

November 2013

     In November, I went to get my hair cut by my favorite hair stylist, Jen Jackson of Hottie Hair Hawaii.  She was so enthralled with my long layers she asked if I could model in her showcase for the Raw Artists of Hawaii.  How could I say no?  Later when I got some information about the show, she was unsure of what to put in my hair.  I told her I had recently made some sea crowns which she could use.  I showed them to her later, and she loved them!  When I was at the event, my hair was getting prepped for what was to be a mermaid afro!  Curls galore coupled with 19 multi-colored feathers and hair chalk topped with a mermaid crown was more than my hair had ever experienced (which is a lot to say after 15 years of stage and competition experience)!  I loved it!!  I did my best ever catwalk, which displayed my awesome hair done by Jen Jackson!  It was truly a memorable experience as I was able to cross off "Walk In a Runway Show" off my bucket list--and to add to it, to wear my sea crown across the stage!  :-)

     One thing I don't think anyone considered was what it was going to take to wash this out.  Oh.My.Goodness!  I conditioned the life out of my hair, trying to get through all the nests of knots put in by the feathers.  I couldn't get the feathers out; I could hardly find them!  Two days later, I still had nests in my hair.  I was able to get most of the feathers out, but still could not brush through many sections of my hair...I finally took the last drastic measure and razored the remaining knots out of my hair.  (By the way, Jen offered to have me go to her place two days after the event to help me out, but our schedules did not match up until 5 days after the event--I couldn't wait that long).  This is the post conditioner and brushed (yes, this was brushed) version of my hair.  Oh, the life of a mermaid!  :-)

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