Saturday, August 31, 2013

August 2013

     Wow, this was such a busy mermaid month!  The busiest I've had so far!  The first three weekends were spent doing birthday parties, which I owe a HUGE shout-out to Mermaid Harmony for setting me up with these!  When the kids asked where Mermaid Harmony was, and I told them she swam to the mainland for a while.  They agreed that was a very far swim!  :-)
     The parties were great!  The first was my first boy pirate party!  For craft time we made pirate hats, and I brought the birthday boy a special pirate had of his own.  The next week, was a half landlocked/half in-water party.  We made priceless sea crowns and also some splashes in the water!  And lastly, my landlocked party was indoors where we made more sea crowns.   I also presented the birthday girls with a mermaid headpiece made with all the love the ocean!  It was such a great, fun month of parties!
     The last weekend of the month was spent a little swim away to a neighboring island: the Big Island.  I was overwhelmed with the sea animals.  First, I was able to visit the world's largest sea horse farm.  It is an amazing facility that breeds sea horses and releases them in hopes of increasing the numbers of sea horses in the world's oceans.  The next day was a much-awaited day for this mermaid, but I took the opportunity to trade my mermaid fin for scuba fins to see some fantastic sea life.  I have always wanted to see garden eels, which were a great surprise to find.  Later there were scorpionfish, eels and finally, what I have been waiting a lifetime to see: Manta Rays.  I was no Hannah Fraser when it came to interacting with them underwater (see "Manta's Last Dance" on YouTube), but they were quite a sight to see!  I will never forget the 11 rays that came to show their grace and beauty.  Thank you, Jack's Dive Locker for such an amazing and unforgettable experience!  I hope to see them again someday.  
     Not only did I have party preparations going on and manta rays to swim with, but I was also working on a baby tail for the littlest swimming mermaid.  I had hoped to have finished by the end of August, but I wanted to make sure every detail was complete.  It is at the brink of being complete, and I cannot wait to see the little mermaid make her first swim!
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